Why Refurbished?

Business Class Equipment

Our high-performance machines are built to last. The models we carry have been in the market for years and have been pre-vetted by thousands of consumers. The majority of our products are professional-grade equipment, meaning they are more durable than consumer-grade machines.


Refurbished products cost 30-60% less than comparable new products. These products offer the best price/performance ratio, meaning you can expect to see the same performance as a new machine, but at much lower costs. Think of all the things you can do with that money saved!


Environmentally Conscious

Every year, Americans produce 3.42 million tons of electronic waste that makes up 70% of toxic waste in landfills. By buying refurbished computers, you’re helping bring that number down. In 2012, 29% of all e-waste (1 million tons) was recycled or reused, and together, we can make that number even greater.

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Cosmetic Grades

We offer a variety of cosmetic grades to match your budget. Look into the different options for some serious savings.