Cosmetic Grades

We only purchase our products that are sourced from global corporations and government departments that have quality equipment. These professional-grade, high-performance machines are built to last. All of our products have been fully refurbished and cleaned by the top refurbishers in the nation.

We offer a variety of cosmetic grades to match your budget. Look into the different options for some serious savings.

A Grade

A Grade products are in excellent to very good cosmetic condition. Most products will be in perfect cosmetic condition, while others may have very light blemishes (shine on the palm rest or keyboard, etc.). A Grade products are fully operational and the cosmetic blemishes do not affect the performance.

B Grade

B Grade products have the same functionality and performance as an A Grade product. These units will have some cosmetic blemishes that include scratches or other cosmetic imperfections (signs of wear on the palm rest or keyboard, etc.), therefore are lower in price than A Grade products.

C Grade

C Grade products may have dents, cracks, chips or scuffs on the body of the units. Keyboards may be shiny or worn down from use and there may be scratches or dark spots on the LCD screens C Grade products will only be in the Clearance Section of the website.